Thursday, July 30, 2009

Average day

We had an average busy day today! Laundry, cleaning, packing, deal shopping, 8 year old activities...same ole' same ole'. I did manage to get some hilarious pictures of Gavin today.

Here is one of him praying to the sleep Gods...

and one of him attempting to snap...

I can't believe he is almost 1 year old. He certainly makes life more interesting and perfect. I am one lucky mamma to have 2 perfect kiddos that are completely different.

On another note, I did snag a couple great deals at Target today.

Cranium Cadoo games on clearance $3.75 - $5.oo Target coupon = $1.25 MM (money maker)
Pop Tarts 8 ct. $1.52 - $.55 Manufacturer's q - $.75 Target q = $.22 each

Hope that helps somebody out there!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's been a long day with a teething little guy. His 7th tooth has shown up on the bottom left. Ashlyn has been spending her time at art camp and playing with friends this week. Pretty lazy summer days for a few more weeks before school begins.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Let's do this!

I have been following blogs forever and have had the desire to start one for my family and hobbies. I keep putting it off not knowing exactly what I would post, so today...I am taking the plunge! After all, I love showing of my beautiful kids and bragging about their many accomplishments so why not put them all in one place for memories sake & yours!

Let me introduce you to the people this blog is all about:

J & I (at the kiddos first Royals game.)

Our beautiful daughter, Ashlyn (8)
Our handsome son, Gavin (10 months)