Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Busy Busy...

Things around here have been busy busy. This week hubby started a new job that has lots of cool new perks. We went to the Royals game last night and got to sit in a suite. This weekend we get to go to a preview showing of Toy Story and Toy Story II in 3D. Ashlyn is going to be very excited.

Ashlyn gave a speech this week to become student council representative and she was voted in. She was very excited and ran to the house to tell us. We are so proud of her involvement in school and her education. She is a smart little girl that has really became outgoing this year.

Gavin has discovered a love of ketchup and just overall "dipping" of his food. He continues to stand for a minute or so at a time. He is saying "out", "all done", "up", "mama", "dada", "sissy", "bye bye" and "thank you". I am sure there is others that I am not thinking of. He is getting big fast and really is starting to act like a toddler and less like a baby.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Ashlyn started SAGE (our district's gift program) on Tuesday. We have always known that she was advanced. She was first recommended for the gifted program in Kindergarden but she missed out on testing in 1st grade because we moved. School and everything education related has always come easy to her so when we were told her IQ was 140 we weren't that surprised, just beaming with pride. This girl was counting and reciting songs before 1. She knew all her colors and could count past 20 way before 2. She read early, would explain topics like opportunity costs and tell us about the continents. She is our gift and we are so thankful for her!

My baby is ONE!

Dear Gavin,

My sweet boy, you have completed our family. You are all boy, into everything, trucks & dirt, cabinets & "no nos". You already know how to irritate your sister and give her sweet kisses to make it better. Your curiosity amazes us and your baby babble make us laugh. You are the joy we didn't know we were missing.

You have been so easy and the time has just flown. Over the past week you have really started standing with no hands for a few seconds. We catch you doing it when you don't even realize. It won't be long and you will be walking. You love being outside, playing with your toys and dancing to music. They only fear I have sensed it you don't like to feel like you are falling but are fearless in doing things that could make you fall. You have been going up stairs for months and would just go play in your room until mommy got you. In the last month you have really figured out coming down the stairs. Daddy said it looks like you are parallel parking because you pass the stairs then back up until you go down. It is really cute!

You love your family but do not have a fear of strangers either. Your face lights up when Ashlyn walks in the door from school. You love it when she reads or sings to you. Now, I don't want to admit this but you really are a daddy's boy right now. You love to just sit on daddy to watch movies or sports. Daddy is the pro at putting you to sleep, you just love curling up in his arms. Now mommy, you know she is the go to girl to get what you want. Mommy knows all of your cries, faces, and needs. You can crawl over to me and get whatever you need. I love it when it's nap time and you crawl up on my lap and lay your head down. Or when you want mommy to sing pattycake you will just gently clap your hands until I start. My baby, I love you so much! I can't believe how fast you are growing. I cherish every second with you.