Monday, August 3, 2009

New developments...

We are back from our weekend at the lake. It was mostly enjoyable although I did end up on baby duty more than I would have liked.
The great mom that I am remembered the camera...too bad I forgot to load the SD card so no pictures were had.
In the last week or so baby Gavin had started waiving, got two new teeth and stood for a few seconds hands free (JUST TODAY!!!). He is re
ally getting big and won't be a baby for long, it is truly amazing how fast they learn and grow. Poor little guy was down for about 5 hours with a fever today but seems to be recovered and in to everything again.

Here is a couple pics from our last lake trip since I failed this weekend:

On the deals front, make sure you go here and get your $10 in free food from Schwan's delivered to your door. I just ordered 16 corn dogs and my total was $.06!

Take care,

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